Pep(r) up your restaurant’s profits!

Focus on making lip-smacking food while Pepr reduces operational costs and increases profitability by 8%

Become a cost reduction ninja!

Pepr’s automated plug-and-play software consolidates all your restaurant’s data from various sources and presents quality insights to help reduce food costs by up to 10% and save upto 900 hours per year.


  • KIsmet
  • Veritas
  • DollNBurgers
  • Smitty's
  • Aunty's Kitchen
  • Claytons
  • Grand River Brewery
  • The Living Room Ahwatukee
  • The Living Room
  • Rock Lobster
  • CHoP
  • Chicknmax
  • Hannah's Bretzel
  • afro
  • glenmore
Chef Joel

Meet Michael,  a restaurant owner who no longer has to stress over controlling food costs.

Pepr automates the process of tracking recipe costs, reducing food wastage and generating weekly P&L reports, thus, helping him get valuable insights on the restaurant’s profitability. He has better data integrity and more time to take actions to improve the business.

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Why us?

Pepr is a one-stop solution for profitability. No more hassle with a patchwork family of software where nothing works! From setting up your inventory and recipes to connecting to your POS system, we do it all for you:

  • No long-term contract
  • Minimized manual efforts from your end
  • Comprehensive software solving all your profitability issues
  • High Data accuracy

Customer & Partner Testimonials

  • Michael,
    CFO at CleanPlate Restaurants

    "What Pepr does is qualify our inventory by creating a system where the pricing from the vendor is dynamically updated. Even the inventory calculations and extensions are taken care of by Pepr and all we have to do is count inventory. It frees up our managers' time as well as improves data integrity and accuracy. The accurate information helps us take relevant action to make positive changes."

  • Chef Moussa,
    Chef at Afro Deli & Grill

    "I used to work on Sundays just to understand what my inventory looks like, calculate food costs and see how much profits I'm making. With Pepr, I can clearly see where I should focus to improve my restaurant's business, without struggling with the manual effort involved. Technology has come a long way and I like that!"

  • Frank,
    CPA at F.T Karall Company

    "I have been in the hospitality industry as a CPA for decades. I have seen the future of menu control and it is Pepr."

  • Kahin,
    CEO at Afro Deli & Grill

    "As a small business and restaurant owner, it’s tough to know food costs. Pepr solves this problem. I recommend any small or large scale restaurant to definitely go with Pepr because it will help you understand your business better, and allow you to sleep well at night!"


Use AI-powered insights to make smarter decisions

↑ profitability by 8% and ↓ operating time by 80% with Pepr

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