Our Story

Before the inception of Pepr, Naga Karthik started out his career as a data guy. He created and scaled a product that essentially crunched data and provided marketing insights to Forture 500 companies. The product brought in over 10 million in revenue for his company.

Then, he decided to try his hand at something relatively “easy”. That’s when he started a couple of restaurants. It was during this stride that Naga realised how difficult it was for him to track operational costs. He understood through his experience several reasons why calculating costs is hazy for most restaurants.

The very first of the problems he identified in controlling operation costs was data fragmentation at the backend. For instance, you’d find sales data in the POS system, invoices and inventory in paper copies and the recipes, perhaps in Excel sheets. Restaurants spend a lot of time and effort manually in putting data and curating good insights from these fragmented sources.

To resolve this troublesome conundrum, Naga started Pepr, a food-tech startup that helps restaurants improve their profitability. How do we do this? By reducing restaurants operational costs and efforts with the help of data intelligence and automation.

Use AI-powered insights to make smarter decisions

↑ profitability by 8% and ↓ operating time by 80% with Pepr

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