Increasing profitability giving you the crepes? Donut worry.

Pepr is a one-stop solution to help increase profitability by 8%

Profilt-Loss tracker screen in Computer and Mobile

Reduce food costs by 10%

Food Wastage Reduction
Reduce Food Wastage


  • Track ingredient-level variance
    Pepr compares your theoretical usage with your actual usage of top ingredients, giving you a variance report.
  • Take action to reduce wastage
    With variance value in hand, take appropriate measures to reduce it.




Ingredient Price Tracking
Track prices at an ingredient-level


  • Track price fluctuations that matter!
    Understand price fluctuations for your top 10 purchases. Through smart ingredient price tracking, make quick and impactful decisions to improve profitability.
  • Identify ingredients across invoices
  • Each ingredient can be picked up from various invoices generated by different suppliers, thus avoiding data inaccuracy and confusion.




Reduce Food Costs
Invoices screen in Computer and Mobile device

Reduce your operational efforts by 900 HRS / year

Weekly KPIs
Generate Weekly P&L to gain higher profitability.


  • Track KPIs on a weekly basis:
    Get an overview of your key KPIs in one place
  • No more waiting for the accounts team
    Get weekly reports on your profitability with Pepr instead of waiting for 4-6 weeks.
  • No stress over new suppliers
    Don’t worry about creating new suppliers in the systems or map ingredients for them.




Invoice Automation
Automate your Invoices
  • Digitize your invoices:
    Pepr gives you easy access to all your invoices, thus, reducing efforts and saving time.
    1. Working with online suppliers? Automatically sync with online vendors and get the latest invoices directly.
    2. In case of local suppliers, just send us a scan or directly take an image of the invoice on the app. It’s really that simple! We even personally verify its accuracy.
  • Automatically GL-code your invoices
    Pepr GL-codes your invoices for you and connects directly with your accounting system.


Inventory Automation
Simplify your Inventory
  • Prices are updated automatically
    Pepr automatically syncs the pricing of your ingredients from the latest invoices, giving you highly accurate and updated data.
  • Taking inventory is very easy
    Directly take inventory on the app to eliminate the hassle of transferring it from paper to other platforms. Save up to 5 hours of a manager’s time per week.


Minimize Manual Efforts

Use AI-powered insights to make smarter decisions

↑ profitability by 8% and ↓ operating time by 80% with Pepr

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